Jeremy Reid

Cell: (250) 320-1554Office: (250) 374-3331[email protected]Brokerage: RE/MAX Real Estate (Kamloops)

I started my career in real estate back in 2009. I got very lucky and my first listing sold in just 4 days. Looking back now, this is what sparked my passion for the business, but also gave me the confidence to pursue this career fully. I took the plunge full time with no back up side job. I soon found ou that the Real Estate Business is not that easy, and not every Listing is going to sell in just 4 days, but I had committed fully which I think is the toughest step.

 In 2012, I joined the Team at RE/MAX Real Estate (Kamloops). I find the environment optimal for the style of business I conduct. Many of my colleagues are extremely open to sharing and learning together, and this helped me grow substantially when I first moved over. Now, I have many friends within the office, and we all help each other. Every Tuesday we Mastermind together and share best practices while trying to help each other learn.

I find what drives me now is my passion for problem solving and collaboration. Each home is like it’s own riddle, and each scenario is different. When I first started, my main motivation was to track my stats and try to sell homes as fast as possible. While this is still the main goal in many cases, I’ve come to find certain truths. Every home will sell, however, not every home can and should sell within a 6 week window. In fact, some unique properties could actually suffer from achieving a sale too quickly without adequate market exposure. These little nuances are the areas that excite me the most, and pursuing Mastery is the main goal. The Client experience should feel very gamelike and low pressure. I like to collect information, give it to my Clients in a strategic, easy to understand manner, and then develop a plan together. This is the only true way to experience a feeling of mutual success the day a Sold Sign goes up.

I have a wife and two boys, you will undoubtedly hear about them if we work together. I have received different awards throughout my Career and I recently upgraded my licence to a Broker level to develop another level of education. I am happy to share these things with you if they matter, but for most they don’t so. Most people just want to know that I can sell their home and it will be a pleasant experience.

I’m always open to a conversation, reach out if you would like to connect!

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