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RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons

The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is one of the most widely recognized corporate symbols in the world.  It all began back in 1978, as spectators at the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival were among the first members of the public to see a red, white and blue balloon with a strange word "RE/MAX" curved around it on either side. 

Today, the RE/MAX hot air balloon represents service excellence to hundreds of thousands of home buyers and sellers in over 70 countries around the world.  Millions of people around the world see the RE/MAX hot air balloon and immediately think of the RE/MAX organization of professional real estate associates.

Across Western Canada, the "RE/MAX Special Events Team" can be found at community and charity events that are sponsored by RE/MAX offices and agents.   The RE/MAX Special Events Team has a multitude of entertaining promotional products, but promotional flights in RE/MAX balloons surely attract the most attention.  RE/MAX balloon pilots introduce children to hot air ballooning and some couples have even been asked to be married in the balloon.

RE/MAX hot air balloons are flown promotionally in major Western Canadian markets.  For more information on how to get the "RE/MAX Special Events Team" to your city or town, contact the following.

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