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What real estate network:

  • Has the most effective training?
  • Has the most productive agents?
  • Has the strongest national advertising?

Check around. Compare stats. Read what others are saying.
Then, you tell us.
To further your research, tour the Join RE/MAX site and review some facts and figures as you consider moving your career up to RE/MAX.

Unlimited Rewards

If you're looking for a career that enables you to control your workday and offers a direct correlation between your effort and reward - with unlimited potential on the reward side - real estate sales might be a good fit. It's not easy. But when you surround yourself with other serious professionals you realize an immediate benefit - because you see first-hand the habits and strategies that work and you're motivated to emulate the success you're witnessing. That's a core of the RE/MAX Concept. Add in all the other RE/MAX advantages, and you can see that for some, RE/MAX isn't just where you want to be at the peak of your real estate career, it's also where you want to be at the start.

Home of the Best Agents®

Most agents join RE/MAX after already achieving some level of success in real estate sales. But RE/MAX also attracts agents who are just starting their real estate careers. This usually occurs under one of the following scenarios.

Typical agents starting their real estate careers with RE/MAX:

  • A RE/MAX Broker/Owner sees potential in an individual who has achieved sales or other success in another profession.
  • A RE/MAX office brings in an enthusiastic new licensee who has the motivation, commitment and desire to succeed in real estate sales.
  • An existing RE/MAX agent who has his or her own sales team, or is developing such a team, adds a newly licensed agent to the team to serve as an assistant or to serve as a buyer or listing specialist. The team leader often sees benefit in being able to train the new licensee in the specific marketing, sales and service strategies of the team.
  • An existing RE/MAX agent brings in a newly licensed spouse, child or other relative to help with the business, or to be groomed to ultimately run the business.
  • Some agents or agent teams bring in unlicensed assistants who are new to the business. In most states, unlicensed assistants are strictly prohibited from performing a number of duties connected to a real estate transaction. Sometimes, these unlicensed assistants pursue licensing so they can serve the team as a licensed assistant or buyer or listing specialist. Ultimately such individuals might transition into a role as an independent agent within the same brokerage.
Remember, the brokerage you select becomes a part of your brand, so it's important to choose wisely.  In order to help you determine the best brokerage or evaluate whether your current brokerage is truly the best one, consider 5 Tips for Selecting the Right Brokerage.

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